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1 - To comply with Covid-19 Contact Tracing requirements, please register ahead of time to avoid queues at the event. 2 - If you wish to purchase alcohol at the venue, you will need to show your proof of ID at the gate to comply with Liquor Licensing Laws.3 - We have worked hard to keep this event FREE but we would appreciate your generous donation towards the smooth running of the event.

Register for the Slipway Precinct at Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance Slipway Pop Up Stores

Join us to help rejuvenate the Slipway at Lakes Entrance, featuring some of the region's most iconic businesses. There will be musical events and special offers from our sponsers. 

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Date & Time

December 27, 2020

Start - 11:00 AM Sunday

January 31, 2021

End - 9:00 PM Australia/Victoria

Slipway Lakes Entrance

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Slipway Lakes Entrance

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